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Date added: 2018-09-28
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About brings you a huge amount of fun when you play it. This 2D Shooter game lets you customize a ball following your own style then you can jump into matches to begin your challenges. You only have one goal which is to destroy all enemies using a bunch of weapons. Try to aim then shoot them down quickly before they have a chance to attack you back. The in-game weapons are so diverse. They also have their own pros and cons, so make sure you use them wisely during the course of the battle to finish off the enemies easily. The more kills you pick up, the more points you will earn, which gives you a chance to win the match. Don’t forget to develop your smart strategies through overtime to outplay your opponents. Can you survive longer and become the best player in the arena? Try it now!


Move your character and jump using WASD or arrow keys. Use the mouse to shoot or grapnel, change weapons using the mouse wheel scroll. 

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