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Date added: 2018-09-27
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Time to dominate all the seas in a nice Ocean-themed combat game called! You enter the game as a member of a team defined by colors, and you must navigate your ship around the seas to shoot down all enemy ships using your cannon. Team up with your allies all the time so you can beat the tougher opponents more easily. Keep an eye on the surroundings as the rival team can ambush you anytime. You have to stay on guard during the course of the fight, use your strategies to outplay the opponents and make sure they won’t be able to fight you back. Besides the rival team, don’t forget to stay watchful for some AI’s roaming the sea. They normally hide in large pirate ships and always attempt to wipe out your team. The goal here is to lead your team to the final victory. Enjoy it now!


Use WASD for the movements. Aim your cannon or direct the boat using the mouse.

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