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Date added: 2018-09-26
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About is a great 2D Shooter game online inspired by You enter a huge arena where you must destroy all rivals standing in your way. It won’t be an easy combat as there are so many players that you must face off against at the same time. Try to move around the map carefully, aim and shoot down all others using your gun and make sure you protect yourself from their attacks. You should develop your own smart strategies throughout the course of the gunfight, but the best strategy for you is that you need to keep moving all the time. By doing so, you can elude the enemies’ shots easily, which saves your life. You can get them to chase you around, and quickly shoot backward. You will kill them instantly with that way. Try to survive until you form your ultimate dominance in the arena. Wish you luck!


Use WASD to move your character. Use your jetpack by clicking the right mouse and click left mouse to fire.

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