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Killers On Blocks

Killers On Blocks

Date added: 2015-05-11
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About Killers On Blocks

Killers On Blocks unblocked sends greeting to all of the Minecraft for free lovers! Let’s jump into this game for school to give your excellent assistance to the Minecraft guy, fanciers! Are you willing to help him? Cause he is in need of your help for certainty! There are hordes of perilous creepy creatures marching towards to his land. Your mission is to grab your weapons, aim and shoot down all of them before being attacked. You can utilize the given radar to seek for the foe location. Don’t forget to dodge their line of fire, or else your health will be decreased, and your game will end. Are you ready? Click to start the game now!


Move with the arrow keys or keys WASD
Tap spacebar to jump, use the mouse to aim and shoot.

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