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Hunger Royale

Hunger Royale

Date added: 2017-11-21
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About Hunger Royale

Set out your adventure in a fantastic 2D Shooter and Power-ups game online called Hunger Royale! You will join a real battle royale with so many dangers, challenges as well as enemies to beat. When spawning, you will start roaming the map to find the rivals, defy them all and make sure use to use your abilities to take them out while you are protecting yourself. If you think you are skilled enough, then feel free to join the combat as a solitary fighter. But if you want to experience something called teamwork, then try to work with other friendly opponents in order to take out the tougher ones. You can think about making barricades or just staying in a safe zone. Don’t forget to collect items on the ground, then use them to your advantage. Watch out your HP and Food bars, especially when they are about to run out. If so, your adventure will come to an end. See how long you can stay alive!


Use keys WASD for the movement. Aim at enemies with the mouse, click left mouse to gather items and use them.

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