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Date added: 2018-01-01
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About is free for all IO game where you become a bouncy ball that has to kill all other enemies by hopping over them. Take this chance to perform your jumping skill and see if you conquer the battle or not. Try your hardest to jump over the rivals while protecting yourself from being hopped by other. If someone is already dead, and you jump over him, your points will be increased. Nobody wants to be hopped over, which turns the game into more competitive to play. If you see a rival trying to get closer to you, you need to quickly walk backwards away from them. By doing so, they won’t be able to wipe you out. You can perform your abilities and use your great strategies so as to surpass all challenges. You will dominate the arena if you succeed in climbing the top of the leaderboard. Play it now!


Arrow keys are used for moving your character. Use up arrow key to jump, and press it twice to make a double jump.

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