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Date added: 2018-10-28
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About is an addictive web browser fast-paced multiplayer game online pitting you against lots of enemies. You have to hook them all then quickly steal their energy to power up yourself for a chance of winning. The game features four colored classes that you must use to get an edge over the enemies, including the red one, the green one, the blue one and the purple one. If you use the red class, you can launch a fireball at an enemy and will have more reach. For the green class, you have the medium reach and an ability to slice the enemies at the same time. For the blue class, your reach is low, but you can move fast and make a speed boost easily. About the purple class, you have no hook, and the special ability you have is a teleport that can be used to detach any hooks attached to you. Try to utilize these given classes to finish off all enemies and work your way up to the first rank on the leaderboard!


Move around the map using the mouse. Click left mouse or key Q to hook others, click again to detach to the hook. Use the right mouse or key W for making a shield of blades to cut the enemies. Press key E for using the special ability, and use keys 1-4 to change the classes.

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