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Date added: 2017-11-19
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Take a chance to battle against many skilled enemies in an interesting classic Strategy game called! Prepare your skills in advance for this combat! You are armed with a strong sword that will be used as your main weapon. You need to annihilate all of your enemies that are surrounding while trying to pick up as many blobs as possible in order to increase the length of your sword. Stay away from the dangers or stronger rivals because they can take you out easily. With a lot of goons collected, you can power up your sword, which helps you destroy the opponents more easily. When you get trapped, just try to dash and get away from it. You can follow behind the top players, then, defy them all! The main goal here is to become the best blade master of all. Feel free to start this IO game and conquer all challenges.


Use the mouse to move your character around. Press spacebar or click left mouse to attack your enemies with the sword. Click right mouse or use key W to dash.

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