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Date added: 2018-01-05
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A challenging RPG game called is free to play now! Join it now to show off your surviving skills. In the game, you have to construct your base and try to keep it safe from the outside attacks done by the enemies. You can gather lots of resources around you, then, use them to construct walls, doors, as well as craft other items which will protect you more. If you get hungry, don’t be hesitant to kill some animals, or pick up more eggs, plants beds so that you can get food. To secure your realm more, you should create some assistants, like peasants, mercenaries, and guards. They will help you fight off the opponents more easily as well as bring you a better protection. Try to earn more gold by building further towers, so you can increase your ranking to the top on the leaderboard. Play this IO game now!


Use keys WASD to move. Press number keys 1-9 or click the icon to choose the building. Click the mouse to assault enemies or collect items. Use the mouse to look around.

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