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Geoarena Online

Geoarena Online

Date added: 2018-10-04
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About Geoarena Online

Show your shooting skill in a fun web browser game called Geoarena Online! The game allows you to pick your favorite type of ship, two weapons, and a special skill before jumping to the arena, so feel free to choose what you like. In addition, you can choose to play with online players or a computer. When the battle begins, you will start controlling your ship around a huge arena to shoot down all enemies. You’d better aim carefully before launching your shots for a better result. Make sure you protect yourself all the time because once you get hit, you will meet your end instantly, and have to restart it from scratch if you want. During the course of the battle, if you gain more experience, you can totally upgrade your ship and strengthen yourself easily. Like other IO games, the main goal here is to rule the entire arena! Good luck!


Use keys WASD to move your ship, click left mouse to fire, use key Shift to change weapons, and press spacebar for using your skill.

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