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Date added: 2018-01-26
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About is not an easy 2D Shooter game online, so please prepare your strategies and skills carefully in advance before you jump into a vast arena of it. In this IO game, you have to confront with so many skilled rivals from across the world. There are numerous objects on the map you can use as your cover to help you dodge the bullets of the rivals. Stay focused on the game, use your weapon wisely to aim and shoot them down before they wipe you out. The more enemies you destroy, the more points you will earn, then, you can spend them on new perks and various abilities. There are three tiers of perks that can be unlocked at different points. You can access the first one at 100 points, the second one at 300 points and the third one at 600 points. Try to protect yourself all the time, kill all opponents, survive to reach the top!


Use keys WASD or arrow keys for moving your character. Click left mouse button to shoot, use key R to reload, press spacebar to used advanced power-ups.

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