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Date added: 2018-01-17
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About lets you roam a vast galaxy with your spaceship and you have to fight to become the best captain in this arena. This Space-themed Strategy IO game opens a battle in space where you have to fight off waves of wicked enemies before they take you out. You are armed with some weapons that you need to use wisely to kill the rivals. During the combat, you must stay watchful for the surroundings as the sudden assaults can happen to you easily. For every single kill you earn, you will get 1000 bits that you can utilize to customize or even buy brand new ships. The game features many types of ships, so try to choose the ones that suit your playing style. Don’t forget to work with your friends to destroy tougher targets. You have to stay alive longer in order to increase a chance of reaching the top rank on the leaderboard, where you can build your dominance!


Use arrow keys or WASD for your spaceship’s movements. Press spacebar to shoot at enemies.

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