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Date added: 2018-01-03
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About must be one of the best and the most addictive free for all IO game. You will be taken to a large arena full of foods. Your main task is to pick them up then throw them at your opponents. That’s the way you do to kill the rivals. In addition, you can try to eat as many foods as possible in order to increase yourself and obtain a temporary stat boost. There are two types of food in the game, including the bad ones and the good ones. If you eat the bad ones, you will go faster, if you consume the good foods, you will become much stronger. Aim and throw the foods at the rivals carefully, get rid of them as fast as you can before they get a chance to kill you. The more kills you earn, the higher your ranking will be on the leaderboard. Have fun, guys!


Use keys WASD or arrow keys to control your character around the map. Click left mouse button to release foods, and eat foods using the right mouse button.

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