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Date added: 2017-12-30
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About is another Shooter game that is inspired by You will confront with so many opponents from around the world, and try to kill them all by using various strong weapons. Not only real enemies you have to battle against but also the wicked zombies. They are roaming the map with an ambition to take you out. Hence, you have to develop your strategies, then use them wisely to cope with the enemies. Aim and shoot them down before they get a chance to attack you back. The hordes of zombies are getting stronger than ever, so if you don’t play with good tactics, you won’t be able to survive them. Don’t forget to shoot the crates scattering over the map to earn more money, then use them to purchase new items from the shop. Be sure to elude the auto-tanks too! If you get shot too much, you will meet your doom. Good luck!


Use the arrow keys for the movement. Click right mouse to open the shop, switch the weapons using the mouse wheel scroll, and use key F to auto fire.

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