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Date added: 2017-12-28
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About is a great Bomberman game where you become a little guy trying to blow up everything standing in his way. You are armed with an infinite number of bombs, so you must drop them. There are so many enemies that are doing the same task, which means they can kill you by using their planted bombs. You should blow them up first before they get a chance to take you out. Use your tactics to force them to follow you around, when they least expect it, you should quickly release a bomb. They won’t be able to escape by getting blown up instantly. This IO game is kind of similar to the classic Bomberman, but you will play with so many real opponents from around the world. Take this chance to show off your abilities, vanquish all challenges and try your hardest to become the best player of all. Good luck to you!


Use keys WASD for moving around the map. To plant a bomb, just simply press spacebar.

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