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Date added: 2017-11-13
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About is an addictive classic game that is very much the same as, excluding for its graphics and characters, along with a little bit different gameplay. You will take control of your dot around the map to absorb as many colored other generated dots as possible in order to increase your mass. You can even go chase smaller players and eat them up for a bigger size. But make sure you will stay away from the bigger ones, or else they will eat you up, which causes your game to be over! There is a bit different point from In this IO game, whenever you increase your level, the size of your character will be reset, and it will come back to the default size, meaning you have to expand it once again and continuously. The most awesome thing when you level up is that the outside limit of your dot will be grown. Are you ready for it? Play it now!


Just use your mouse for the movement. Click left mouse or press spacebar to speed up.

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