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Date added: 2017-11-16
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Do you think you will survive in a challenging Tower Defense game with RPG elements called Give it a try now to prove that you are an excellent player. There are so many challenges you will try to conquer. Start to move around the map to pick up a lot of resources, then you can craft so many handy items. Make sure you gain 20 wood from a tree, craft a strong pickaxe, and make a good use of crafted stuff to get through the dangers. Also, you have to place lots of buildings around your base, as well as construct a giant fortress to cover up yourself. Don’t forget to upgrade your abilities whenever you level up. In addition, you need to earn more food from killing the wild animals. By doing so, you can survive the hunger easily. This IO game also lets you join many aggressive battles between the hostile clans. Kill them all with your abilities, stay alive longer so you can win!


Move your character with keys WASD. Click left mouse to assault or use the items. Press spacebar for charging or jumping. Use key Shift to sneak, and key Q to drop the items.

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