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Date added: 2018-10-11
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About is an ocean-themed 2D Shooter that is also very engaging to play. You will control a boat around a map to shoot down all enemies standing in your way while trying to gather a lot of colored orbs. The more orbs or kills you pick up, the more experience and gold you will earn, then you can spend it on upgrading your boat. There are two cannons attached to the boat, you need to use them wisely to kill the rivals when you come across them. Keep an eye on the stats and try to put points into for the cost of coins shown at the top left of the screen. When the XP bar is filled, your boat will receive a new gadget which strengthens yourself even more. Protect yourself all the time, survive as long as possible for a chance of ruling the entire oceanic arena. Good luck!


Use keys WASD or arrow keys to move your ship. Click left mouse or press spacebar to shoot. Use key F to launch aimed shots at the costs of coins.

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