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Date added: 2018-10-26
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Play online with many opponents from around the world! Surely you will have a lot of fun and entertainment moments once joining this fast-paced endless-running game. The game will remind of you some classic arcade video games in the past. You take control of a dinosaur and try to keep it run over an endless track full of deadly cacti. You must run as far as possible for a chance of reaching the highest rank on the leaderboard. There are plenty of cacti standing in your way. Make sure that you will jump to avoid all of them. If you accidentally touch a cactus, the game will be over instantly. During the course of the race, you will see the shadows of other online players that are also carrying out the same mission. Perform your skills, survive all the in-game dangers then climb your way up to the top to win!


Press and hold the up arrow key for jumping and eluding the dangerous cacti in the game.

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