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Date added: 2018-08-28
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It’s not easy to survive in a dangerous world in game, but you must put all your efforts into getting through this post-apocalyptic world as well as defeat all enemies around you. Nature took back its right and now it’s getting angry! You have to make your way through this world hunting for materials then use them to craft a bunker, modern weapons, other equipment as well as create food to survive. Make good use of your crafted items to fight against the rivals, finish them off before they wipe you out. Survive the hunger by eating a lot of food you have created, warm up yourself by using a hat you craft, and don’t forget to upgrade your tools through over time. Try your hardest to play with nice strategies, survive as long as possible and build your ultimate dominance in this world. Kick it off now! Wish you luck!


Move your character with WASD or arrow keys. Click left mouse for hitting, interact with key E, use Shift to accelerate, key M for map, key C for crafting and skills.

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