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Date added: 2017-07-27
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About is another Space Combat IO game where you will engage in one of two teams, the red one, and the blue one, then start working with your teammates to defeat your opponents. You will fight for the final victory and attempt to protect as well as steal gem. You move around the map carefully trying to shoot down your foes. When you claim more kills, you will receive a lot of scores and cash which can be spent on discrepant ships. Purchasing those ships give you more advantages as they will work even better on various maps. If you don’t have enough cash to buy more, you can collect modifications released by the players that were killed already. Don’t let your life go wasteful! If you die, you will just watch the game as a spectator until it ends. But if you join in the middle of the round, you’re also a spectator until the next round comes. Always work with your team carefully, kill all enemies, take their gem and bring it back to your base.


Use keys WASD to control your ship. Use the mouse for aiming and shooting. Open the help menu with key H if you want. Open the shop with key Y. Press key F11 to play in a full screen.

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