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Date added: 2017-12-27
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About is a Strategy game like, and it’s free for all! You will control your blob around the map to find more foods, eat them up to increase your size as well as gain more mass. During your quest, you have to stay away from dangerous players, or else they will use their tactics to eat you up. If you have good strategies, you can take advantage of that to destroy them then make them your food. The more foods you eat, the bigger you are, but you won’t be able to move at a fast speed. When you bump into a stronger enemy, you should make a quick escape by boosting your blob. Don’t boost it too much, or your mass will be reduced. The main objective of this IO game is to rule the leaderboard! Let’s prepare your skills for this challenge and conquer it all! Wish you luck!


The mouse is used for moving your blob. Click left mouse to shoot, press spacebar or click right mouse to boost.

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