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Date added: 2018-03-22
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About is a challenging real-time Tower Defense Strategy game online. Your sole task here is to get rid of the opponent castle while trying to defend yours from being attacked by them. But first, you need to produce as many towers as possible, then let them bring a better defense to your castle. In addition, you must create some units, including archers, horses and even catapults. They are all good at destroying the rival castle. In addition, producing enough woodcutter and goldmines is important too because this will help you grow your resource production before you start building your own strong armies. Do whatever it takes to keep your castle safe, stay alive longer so you will be able to win this fierce combat. You’d better show off your abilities, develop strategies and use them to get an edge over the opponent. Hop into the arena of this IO game now! Good luck!


 Click left mouse button to interact with your character and destroy the enemy castle.

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