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Date added: 2017-11-15
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About is a great Tower Defense game in which you have to deploy your buildings and units to go battle against the enemies. With a given budget, you must use it wisely to purchase the buildings as well as troops. Place them on the ground around your territory, then, send out your units to defeat the enemies before they attack your territory. Make sure you time your assaults carefully so your rival won’t be able to protect it. You are also able to build the spawn point of your troops by interacting with a building then in an adjacent land. Keep in mind that the buildings are more effective than the units, however, they can’t be fast, and they don’t have much instantly effect. The units won’t give you more wood or income, so you have to remember that. Always improve the stats of buildings and units so they can release strong forces which kill the rivals more easily.


Use the mouse to click and drag objects to the side of the playfield. You can interact with the objects by using the mouse too.

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