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Date added: 2018-10-23
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Speed up your car and race against other opponents like crazy in a super fun racing IO game called! It’s time to prove your racing ability to the whole world, so let’s make your race count! In the game, you have to take control of a car then steer it skillfully through a long track full of impediments, including traffic, cops, and roadwork. These obstacles are standing in your way, and if you don’t elude them, you won’t be able to make it to the end. Try your hardest to avoid everything that can harm you, boost your car and get to the final goal area first to become the ultimate winner and get your loot. Then, you can totally improve or customize your car following your own style in the Garage, which helps you drive even faster. Will you become the top racing champion in this competition? Give it a shot now!


Use arrow keys or WASD for driving your car, press spacebar to speed up.

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