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Date added: 2017-12-26
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About is a funny Racing game that will defy your driving abilities. You will roam the map with your car trying to kill as many pedestrians as possible in order to increase your experience. Or you can try to get rid of the levels that are weaker than you. The more of them you destroy, the stronger you are! There are lots of buildings spreading over the map, if you crash into them, your car will be damaged, which means your health will be reduced. If it’s down to zero, that’s when your game is over. You can use a nitro speed boost to surpass the challenges! Don’t let enemies crush you, keep your car away from the stronger players, or else they will kill you. Try your hardest to survive as long as possible, climb the top of the leaderboard and then build up your dominance. Hope you have fun!


Use the mouse to move your car, click left mouse or press spacebar to boost your speed.

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