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Date added: 2018-09-21
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About is an RPG web browser game dropping you into a brutal arena where you become a gladiator trying to fight against many opponents. You are armed with a large mallet and you must use it wisely to whack all rivals around you before they have a chance to whack you back. Try to deal as much damage to others as possible and play with good strategies so as to outplay all enemies. Don’t forget to upgrade yourself with better weapons so you can become the invincible fighter in the entire arena. Sounds simple but very hard to master! The enemies will get stronger, so you have to prepare some warfare tactics in advance so as to cope with them easily. The goal of this IO game is to become the strongest man in the battlefield and build your ultimate dominance! Let’s start the battle right now! Have fun! Wish you luck!


Use the mouse for the movements, click left mouse to assault the enemies and use the right mouse to sprint.

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