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Date added: 2018-10-30
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About is an action-packed fantastic web browser game that surely keeps you engaged! You direct a vehicle around the map and use your flail to deal damage to the enemies. There are many crystals dispersed on the map, collect them as much as you can in order to increase the size of your flail, which allows you to dish out more damage. Do not touch the enemy flails, or else you will end up dying. Also, you must stay watchful for the red zones when roaming through the map, if you touch them, your vehicle will be completely destroyed as well. When you see the small green triangular shapes, feel free to run over them for growing your mass even more. Make sure you develop your own smart strategies and use them to outplay all others. The main objective is to dominate the arena! Can you achieve it? Play the game now!


Move around the map using the mouse. Click left mouse to detach the flail, and click again to attack it. 

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