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Date added: 2018-07-16
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About places you in a deadly combat against numerous skilled contenders in the same arena. This is such a great Battle Royale 2D Shooter game you shouldn’t ignore. It brings you exciting challenges and lets you present your excellent abilities. With a pistol in your hand, you need to go shoot down all enemies standing in your way as you roam around the cityscape. You should collect new stronger weapons, like machine guns, rocket launchers, or even shotguns that are dispersed on the ground. In addition, you need to gather some health kits to recover your HP fast. Pay attention to the surroundings when you are in search of those items because enemies can sneak up on you and wipe you out anytime. Also, you must keep yourself away from a poisonous gas. Try to get into the secure zone in time for, or else you will die. Dominating the city is not an easy thing, but that’s what you have to fight for. Good luck!


Move your character using WASD or arrow keys. Shoot at enemies using the left mouse. Press key E to collect an item and use key R for reloading.

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