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Date added: 2018-01-21
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Enter a vast arena of to help your Emoji conquer all other enemies now! In this classic Power-ups game, you have to roam the map carefully to gather more jewels in order to increase the strength of your bombs. There are many meanies and enemies you must elude during your quest. But if you have strong bombs, just drop them to kill the rivals. With a lot of meanies wiped out, you will be able to expand your pathway for more riches. But make sure you surpass all potential dangers or escape away from the dangerous players by speeding up your character. If you are lucky to find the fabled “Poo Hat”, you can totally scare away the meanies when they are around you. Try your hardest to increase your score until you climb the top spot on the leaderboard, that’s when you become the most powerful emoji in the whole arena.


Control your emoji with the mouse. Click left mouse to release bombs, and speed up with the right mouse.

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