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Date added: 2018-10-25
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About BASSDROP.CLUB – a tough top-down shooter web browser game pitting you against numerous rivals in the same arena. You are armed with a bass cannon when spawning in the map and you use utilize it wisely to knock out your rivals for earning points with awesome achievements. You direct your tank skillfully and navigate it through this big map hunting down the rivals. The tank is armed with big speakers emitting a lot of bass that will fire the tank into the air. This is such a nice ability you need to use throughout the combat so as to get an edge over others, also, it will help you elude dangerous cases as well. Do not fall into voids, or else you will lose. You must become the last tank standing in this arena to become the ultimate winner of the combat. Give it a shot now and see how far you can go!


Move your tank using the mouse, click left mouse to fire your bass cannon and use the right mouse for jumping.

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