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Date added: 2017-08-14
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About is a great Space Shooter IO game that will challenge your shooting abilities. Feel free to play the game now and begin your adventure! You will take control of your spaceship around the arena in order to fire the opponents. You will catch sight of plenty of asteroids which can be destroyed. So, feel free to aim and shoot them down so that you can earn a lot of points as well as more upgrades for your ship. Remember that you can only shoot them from afar. If you get closer to them, or even you run into the, your spaceship will become demolished, causing your game to come to an end very easily. Try to stay watchful for the surroundings, elude the attacks of your opponents, upgrade your aircraft all the time to get stronger and attempt to survive as long as possible. Let’s kick off this browser-based Multiplayer game now! Good luck!


Control your spaceship around using arrow keys or WASD. Press spacebar or click right mouse button to use the special skills of your spaceship.

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