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Date added: 2018-01-11
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About is a tough Strategy game online that allows you to select a set of skills in order to fill up four skill slots. You have to control your character around the map carefully to fight against other enemies, especially the red guys that keep wandering. Try to shoot them down as much as you can in order to improve your selected skills, also, your health will be boosted. You are able to fire normal bullets or utilize chosen skills to fight off the rivals. Be sure to develop your strategies, then, use them wisely during the combat so you can get an edge over others. Stay watchful for the dangers around because the enemies can shoot you anytime they can. Your main objective is to survive longer so you can reach the highest ranking on the leaderboard. Try your hardest to become the king of the arena and then you can establish your dominance! Good luck!


Control your character using keys WASD. Click left mouse to shoot normal bullet, click right mouse or press spacebar to utilize chosen skills. Use keys 1234 or the mouse wheel scroll to change the skills.

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