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Date added: 2018-10-28
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In game, you take on a role of an ant undertaking a big mission that is to colonize the land lying in front of you. It’s not easy to conquer this strategy web browser IO simulation game as you have to deal with lots of wicked enemies. However, you still have to try to complete your mission. You begin it by making room for your colony. To do this, you must excavate dirt in the ground, then place some eggs within them for more ants to hatch. Your people and the queen will get hungry throughout the course of the game, therefore, you should get some food then feed them to overcome the hunger. When you move around the surface above ground, be careful with some predators that won’t be hesitant to eat you up. If you get eaten, the game will be over. Try to survive for as long as possible to develop your colony!


Move around the map using the left mouse. Double click for interacting with the in-game objects. Click right mouse on your ant for opening the command menu.

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