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Date added: 2018-10-05
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Get ready to step into a cruel combat in space in! Lots of challenges are waiting for you ahead in this awesome space combat game. When you fly into space, you direct a small spaceship that is shaped like a virus, gear, splat, shuriken or even a hexagon, which is up to you to choose. Once picking your favorite type of ship, you will start battling against a lot of enemies. Try to aim the shoot them all before they attack you back with their deadly weapons. You’d better watch out for the surroundings because there is nothing to be sure that you won’t get ambushed by the enemies. In this universe, especially in a tough battle like this, everything is possible to happen! Try to defend yourself all the time, use your strategies carefully to outplay all others for a big chance of winning. Are you ready? Play it now!


Use keys WASD to move and fly around in space.

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