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Date added: 2018-01-24
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About game opens a brutal combat between robots and humans. Join this awesome 3D Shooter game right now to prove your abilities as well as fight off all enemies. The combat set in the year 2099 when lots of alien robots, together with many wicked monsters intruded the planet. As a hero, your job is to save the Earth and bring the peace with freedom back to the human beings. Only you can do this thing, so take this chance and show them who the real boss is! You have to make your way through a vast map with lots of dangers. Get rid of any monsters and even other enemies that get in your way. Gather a lot of coins to improve your weapons, unlock brand new items by sharing the game to Facebook. You must protect your hero all the time, survive longer and increase your ranking to the top! Good luck!


Use keys WASD for the movement. Press key Shift to speed up, and use the mouse to fire.

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